Monochrome and Leather Accents

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Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long but finals took over my life and I just got crazy busy with final projects and exams. But now that I'm finally done, time for a new blog post!

So lately I've been loving H & M, every time I visit a store they have something new I love, however, I did notice their prices have been going up lately, which is disappointing. But it's such a great store to buy basics from and throw them together to make a cute outfit. The reason why I'm mentioning H & M is because this outfit is comprised pretty much of all H & M pieces except for the hat, bag and boots. I bought all the pieces at separate trips to the store but when I was going through my closet I thought these would look great put together in one outfit.

So starting with the top; I just love anything with 'Paris' written on it or the 'Eiffel tower', because I've just been obsessed with visiting Paris, it's on the top of my list of places to visit. I've always been fascinated by Parisian fashion and women and how they carry themselves and from what I've seen in TV shows, movies and pictures it looks like such a beautiful city. I am a hopeless romantic at heart so definitely want to visit the city of love! :) The top is a sweater however, it's made with breathable material so it's really easy to wear but slightly see through so I did wear a tank top underneath.

Moving on to the cardigan, as soon as I spotted it in H & M I fell in love, I've been obsessed with leather accents and the color gray especially for fall/winter and this cardigan combined both of those elements so I had to buy it. I love how cozy it is and I can throw it on with any top/dress and it just puts the whole look together. So this cardigan is definitely going to remain a staple in my wardrobe.

My tights are also from H & M and I wear them all the time! I've been really impressed with the quality of these, no matter how many times I wear or wash them they haven't lost their elasticity and gotten all loose and baggy. They also have a tiny hint of a leather detailing but you can't really see that in the pictures. 

What I really think put the whole outfit together was my black floppy hat, I've been loving floppy hats lately, I think they just make any any outfit look so much chicer. 
Moving on to accessories, I decided to keep it simple at the jewelry front, just a few dinky bracelets and my silver, large dial, Fossil watch,
As for shoes, I love my over the knee slouchy faux suede boots from, they're super comfortable and what I constantly wear throughout fall/winter and added my leather bow bag from, which I thought went with the leather accent and monochrome theme of the outfit.

Here are the links of everything I mentioned or something similar if it's sold out or I can't find it online:

Over sized sweater

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and comment below and let me know what has been your fall/winter staple. 


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